Friday, February 07, 2020

Mass Transited...

Friend Paul swung through town yesterday and we met for lunch up in Broad Ripple proper. Petite Chou Bistro doesn't have off-street parking and, since it's a couple bucks to feed a meter and way too cold to bicycle, I figured I'd just take the bus.

A one way bus ticket is a buck seventy-five and a whole day's pass is four dollars. Unfortunately I didn't bother to read the fine print on the website and lost a dollar's worth of my fiver to the fact that the fare machines at the stations don't give change. Oh well.

It was about a brisk five minute walk to the 54th Street stop, a five minute wait for the bus, and I wound up at the corner of College and Broad Ripple Avenue ten minutes early.

It being the middle of a bitterly cold workday, the buses on this stretch only had a couple passengers. Ride one during commuting hours or south of 38th Street, and it's an entirely different story, even at midday.