Monday, February 17, 2020

QotD: Update Edition

Bobbi's machine installed a large Windows update last night:
"Y'know, the old Bell System could be pretty high-handed, but they never showed up unannounced and repainted my telephone overnight."
Once upon a time, kids...I swear this is true...programs came in cardboard boxes which you bought at a software store in the mall, and which held little plastic things shaped like the "Save" icon, probably because they had parts of a program "saved" on them. Depending on how complicated the program was, there could be rather a lot of those little plastic Save icons in the box.

Anyway, to install the program on your computer, you would sit in front of the machine for up to thirty minutes, sticking these plastic things into a slot that was like a USB slot but much bigger. You'd insert them one after the other as you were prompted, while your computer whirred and chortled to itself, making mechanical noises that seem very steampunk in retrospect.

Then, once the program was installed on your computer, there it remained, unchanged, until you decided to erase it.

Hand to god, this is how it happened back in the wayback days.