Friday, February 14, 2020


The CP+ 2020 expo in Yokohama, one of the largest photo trade shows, has been canceled due to COVID-19.

Trade shows, especially international ones, are hotbeds of infectious diseases, and this show is not just geographically close to China and the epicenter of the virus, but the photo industry as a whole is hip-deep in a China-sourced supply chain.
Of course, SHOT Show is also full of suppliers from China, and further, takes place around the Lunar New Year when the city of Las Vegas is rolling out the red carpet for plane loads of tourists from China.

I mean, I joked about having the Wu-Tang Coriolisvirus, although I'm pretty sure it was whatever strain of regular old flu is going around, but you have to wonder how many cases of actual COVID-19 managed to get interpreted as the regular old flu and went home and got better because nobody thought to check.