Sunday, February 23, 2020

Did you know there's no entry in the dictionary for "credulous"?

New Jovian Thunderbolt almost got me with this one. I actually commented, but part of my comment was to go see if Maxine Waters had been elected to congress before I started working in gun stores (she had, by two years. One of us has been working one gig for too long.) Then I wondered why the tweet was just a copied screencap image, a .jpeg rather than a link to the actual tweet or, even better, an link. (ARCHIVE EVERYTHING, PEOPLE! Embarrassed people delete embarrassing things.)

Then came a hot minute of more checking ("Why doesn't Maxine have a blue checkmark?") which showed that quote is bullshit.

You've been weaponized.

But doesn't it make you feel good to know your foes are so dumb and prove you so right? Give you that little dopamine hit? Mm-mmm... that feels good.

ETA: If you just want to get your dander up at Maxine, you could go straight to the horse's mouth and get plenty of idiotic quotes.