Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Watching the Wu

Poor Miss Random Numbers J. Wu is, according to the chart the vet had taped inside a cabinet door in the exam room this morning, the equivalent of 92 years old in people years. Here at Roseholme Cottage, the practice is to assign birthdays to cats that both fit the rough time when they were born (if unknown) and which match their personality. Huck, for example, gets his birthday feted on Independence Day, because he moved in in December/January as an already large and rangy kitten.

Miss Wu came home in November of 2001, a buzzing calico tennis ball with a vertical pipe cleaner of a tail. She only ever reached the most casual of detentes with Mittens (and the war was back on if Mittens left the house for an hour to go to the vet).

Because Rannie was adopted in November of 2001 as a very young kitten and we needed an "anchor date" for her birthday, the feted date is on 9/11, which is not inappropriate for a cat who is sometimes the four-legged equivalent of Wednesday Addams...