Friday, February 14, 2020

Old Year's Resolution

When I went out to sweep the snow off Bobbi's car & shovel the walks yesterday morning, I brought the old Coolpix 990 ("Probably the most eagerly anticipated digital cameras of 2000."-DPReview) along and snapped this photo of the snow-covered Mustang.

A Coolpix 990 hand-me-down from Oleg was the camera used to snap any photos you see on this blog from the beginning up until summer of 2011, when I accidentally left it at home for the Lucky Gunner Blogger Shoot and bought a more modern Kodak to replace it.

Last night, I brought the picture up in Photoshop to have a look, and thought "Has some asshole stolen the antenna off of my parked car?" I zoomed in to 100% magnification and couldn't find a trace of it.

I actually took a detour in the 13-degree darkness to check while I was out taking the trash to the curb before bed.

No, it turns out that, when shooting in "Fine", the little 3.3MP 1/1.8" sensor lacked the resolution to pick the antenna out, especially against the background of the fence.

In fairness, even with the assistance of twelve hundred lumens of Surefire, my not-getting-any-younger eyeballs had a hard time resolving it against a cluttered background, too.