Saturday, January 02, 2021

An odd request...

Hasn't been much in the way of snow so far this winter, and I'm pretty ambivalent on that. It's pretty, but it can be a pain to shovel and it pretty well grounds the Mustang and at least puts a damper on driving the Bimmer until they have the main roads cleared. I'll slither a couple blocks to College Ave, but driving for a few miles with a wary eye on the traction control is a pain and there's just not enough snow in an Indiana winter to make a dedicated set of winter tires/wheels a worthwhile proposition.

What I am kind of annoyed about is that we haven't gotten any really good sustained cold snaps. The kind where the daily high doesn't get above freezing for a week or so. I'm looking at the ten-day forecast right now and we're going to be a third of the way into January with the daily high temps getting into the mid/high-thirties if all goes as predicted.

The reason I want a good stretch of cold weather is that that's what makes March bearable around here. When you've had some brutal cold spells in January and February, a mid-March day where the temps get up to 34º or 35ºF feels like sunbathing weather by comparison. When it's a couple degrees above freezing you can walk to 20 Tap without feeling like you need an extra undershirt, and stroll to Fresh Market in sneakers rather than winter boots, at least if you've been dealing with really cold temps for the last couple months.