Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Let's see if it works...

Behold the "Diesel Leica", so called because of its bulk, Brutalist styling, and baroque mechanicals. It's the camera that almost bankrupted Leitz!

I have it loaded with Ilford XP2, an ISO 400 black & white film that's developed using the C-41 color process. This means I can have it done on-site at Roberts downtown. Or, I guess, if you didn't mind not getting your negatives back, you could drop it off at a CVS or Walgreens. Of course, getting the negatives back is kinda the whole point of shooting film in 2021.

I haven't bothered trying to put a battery in it to see if the meter works. I have a light meter app on my iPhone if I need it, but C41 negative film has pretty decent exposure latitude and as long as I stick with the "Sunny 16" rule and don't try any really tricky shots, I probably won't need it. Since the camera itself is entirely mechanical, all the battery does is power the meter, anyway.