Saturday, January 30, 2021

Lee Press On Ammo

I must be getting bored, because this is starting to look like an enjoyable project: A Lee Hand Press and a set of 9mm dies. I've got thousands of small pistol primers, freezer bags full of once-fired brass, and I have no idea how many projectiles of various types. Powder's probably my weak link, but I'm pretty sure I've got a few pounds that'll work with nine loads.

I can't really use homemade 9mm stuff for work, and really wouldn't want to load in those kind of volumes anyway. For that I'd need to yank the cover off the turret press and set it up somewhere and I just can't be arsed. But fifty or a hundred rounds a week in my spare time? Sure, that's doable. And it's the sort of attention-focusing touch labor that's relaxing; like putting jigsaw puzzles together, but with a better payoff.

The hand press isn't super efficient, but I've used it to assemble small amounts of rifle ammo before. It's not hard to use.