Saturday, January 23, 2021

Frozen Fingers

Behold the Kodak S1100 XL, a repackaged Chinon 3001. I had one of these back in the early Nineties when they were still shiny and new and fairly expensive.

Unlike cheaper point and shoots, the S1100XL has a fast 35mm f/2.8 lens and relatively sophisticated autofocus for the era. The way the flash pops up puts it far enough off the centerline of the lens to avoid the worst of red-eye and I used to put a piece of frosted Scotch tape over the flash itself to serve as a diffuser.

This one came off eBay for next to nothing early last year and it's sat on a shelf waiting for me to throw a roll of film in it and check it for light leaks. Earlier this week I had a couple other rolls to drop off, so I put a roll of Kodak Gold in the S1100XL and drove downtown. Parking on Vermont Street out in front of the World War Memorial was free, since MLK Day is a city holiday. 

The park across Vermont to the south of the World War Memorial has a lovely fountain in it, but the fountain is down for renovations...

On opposite sides of the fountain are sculptures of Pan and Syrinx...

By this time, the snow flurries had picked up and my fingers were getting numb. I went back to the car and drove over to Roberts to drop off the test rolls and headed home.

Looking over the finished product, it seems the Kodak is functioning properly. No signs of light leaks and the focus and exposure look good. I reckon it's good to go.