Friday, January 15, 2021

At loose (video) ends...

Bobbi and I tend to watch something over dinner and, for most of the past couple years at least, it's been binge-watching various shows or miniseries (miniserieses?). Anyway, we're done with The Queen's Gambit and, unfortunately, we're caught up with the current season of The Expanse, which means it will be trickling out on Wednesdays for us now.

I'm currently nosing through shows with 30-min or 1-hr episodes and at least two or three seasons in the can, looking for the next bit of dinner theater while we wait for the next seasons of Stranger Things, The Boys, and The Umbrella Academy to drop*.

*For whatever reason, the old Roku on the living room televisor will not find Disney+, so that's only viewable on the TV in Bobbi's room or the computer monitor in my office. Sure, my desktop monitor is only a 25" screen, but I was in high school before the living room TV was that big. It's true, kids! Ask your parents. The living room TV can do Prime Video and Netflix.