Monday, January 11, 2021

Let's get this done.

Indiana's state legislature went into session last week, and saw the introduction of House Bill 1369, which is our latest run at Constitutional Carry. 

This bill does not affect the availability of concealed carry permits for Hoosiers who want one for the purposes of interstate reciprocity or the amended Gun-Free School Zones Act. (This was the error of our first meaningful attempt at Constitutional Carry years ago, which just tore out all permitting language, root and branch.)

We've run this play in the legislature a few times in recent sessions but the former Speaker of the House, despite being a Republican who called himself "Indiana's Conservative Leader" but was mostly in the hip pockets of the State Chambers of Commerce, was a problem. Since the Chambers of Commerce were still buttsore over our expanded preemption law, he dutifully allowed Constitutional Carry to die in committee, session after session.

Well, Bosma's gone now, so let's git 'er done this session. Hoosiers can contact their state reps via link here, although actual letters or phone calls are always more effective at the state legislative level.