Sunday, January 17, 2021

Sic Transit Discourse

Oh boy, I made the mistake of using Twitter for something other than telling dumb jokes and got a glimpse into the minds of normies and it was scary. People are absolutely *obsessed* with the idea of a Living Wage. Putting aside the point that the real minimum wage is zero, I was interested to take the pulse of the Living Wage crowd, so I replied to a discussion...
"Even grocery baggers?

"Do you know what grocery baggers do?!?!?" 

"Uh, yeah. It was my first W2 job. But the steady rise in wages and regulation means that I'm my own grocery bagger now, and so are you. Pretty soon we'll get to greet ourselves at Walmart, too.
I've been called names, been told I was brow-beaten by the system, sneered at. I'm like "Uh, I'm open to having my mind changed here, but not by insults. I was just curious if you don't see any jobs that might be performed by someone who did not need to make a living wage, like a dependent teen who might need work experience and pocket money, or a pensioner who just wants some socialization and routine.

"Just pay them fairly and cut their hours!" 

"So instead of hiring 10 teens at $8/hr, I hire 20 at $16/hr and give each half as many hours? HR is gonna love you. And have you ever had to make a schedule?"