Sunday, January 31, 2021

Aces High!

While I was laid up in the hospital after my big motorcycle wreck back in the summer of 2000 a friend brought me a book to read. It was about fighter aces through history and sometime during the move from Georgia to Tennessee, it got submerged in with my other books in a storage box. When I started looking for it again after the move to Indianapolis, it had vanished.

Over the past few months I've been desultorily packing up boxes full of books in the attic to take to Half Price Books or Goodwill. Basically, anything I'm unlikely to read again for entertainment or use for reference is a likely candidate for passing on. While sorting through stacks, look what I found!

The Complete Fighter Ace is just a really cool book. It's organized chronologically, with sections covering World War One, the interwar conflicts, World War Two, the air war over Korea, and post-Korea jet combat. Each section has lists of the aces from each participant nation, with a short bio of a few of each country's aces, including lots of lesser-known ones. There are descriptions of tactics and techniques as they evolved, with plenty of diagrams and illustrations. Highly recommend. I'm shelving my copy where I can find it more easily in the future.