Saturday, October 08, 2022

.32 Magnum and Revolver Compatibility

I have to chronograph this Ventura Munitions .32H&R Magnum stuff Monday morning, so I'm glad I set my chrono trip back until next week!

Elsewhere, someone asked me if .32H&R was compatible with the Russian M1895 Nagant revolver...
They can be fired in an M1895, but they're not what I'd call "compatible".

You'll get bulged or split cases, and the case heads are enough smaller that the hammer will sometimes knock them into the chamber rather than popping the primer.

This was a cheapskate internet forum BoomerFudd trick from twenty years ago, back when pretty much the only 7.62x38R Nagant ammo you could get was corrosive surplus and it was hard to find, but you could pick up Federal .32 H&R 95gr LSWC for ten bucks a box at any sporting goods store.

Nowadays when you can order non-corrosive Prvi Partizan Nagant ammo online for seventy cents a round and the only .32 H&R readily available is a buck a pop or more, mostly from specialty houses like Buffalo Bore and Black Hills, it makes no sense.
I hope .32 H&R Magnum survives the current crunch. Right now Federal and Hornady, who both had commercial offerings in the chambering back before the current panic, seem to be too busy loading more popular calibers to bother turning out any.