Monday, October 17, 2022

Canned "No!"

I understand why some cops have a jaundiced eye regarding OC as a daily carry item for private citizen CCW peeps. It's because of their experiences with it, and the fact that they're looking at things through that lens.

But they're missing the difference in context between their job and mine.

After they spray a dude, they've got to get cuffs on him and wrestle him into the back of a patrol car. This is going to be un-fun and get OC residue all over the both of them.

I just have to leave.

Remember: A soldier's job is to close with and destroy the enemy with fire and movement. A cop's job is to identify and apprehend the criminal to bring them before the justice system. My job is to get home with the groceries.

If I gotta try and run away from a dude, I'd rather it be one who's having great difficulty keeping his eyes open.

You know I keep that thang on me.