Saturday, October 15, 2022

It was all a sham.

The Putin stans keep telling me that the Russians have huge reserves of modern materiel, but if so, why are they reactivating vintage T-62s, buying drones from Iran, and sourcing replacement T-72s from Belarus?

Where are those "10,000" T-72/T-80s?

These were the same Russian simps telling me that Russia was holding their best stuff at home and the reason the initial advance went so poorly was because it was being done by second-line troops and reservists...until the Ukies wrecked house on the 4th Guards Armored.

What do you want to bet that a large percentage of the billions Moscow allocated to modernize its armed forces following their underwhelming performances everywhere from Chechnya to South Ossetia wound up bobbing gently at anchor in Monaco and Barcelona?

BONUS! Footage of Russian reenactors LARPing 1940s-era logistics...