Friday, October 07, 2022

lol no

From Jonah Goldberg:
Elon Musk recently tweeted a fairly gross and stupid proposal for ending the war in Ukraine. His solution? Let’s have a “real” referendum in the annexed territories of Ukraine administered by the U.N. It’s gross because the Russians have murdered, displaced, or kidnapped hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians from these areas. His proposal erases those deaths and ignores those facts. I suppose I’d be more open to it if every dead or exiled Ukrainian was automatically counted as a vote for staying in Ukraine. It’s stupid because Musk has a thumbless grasp of the political reality on the ground. He looked at some election return maps from 2013 and deduced that he understands the aspirations and desires of Eastern Ukrainians in 2022. As many have pointed out, even his reading of the maps was wrong. To be clear, I admire Musk for many of his accomplishments. But knowing how to get a rocket into orbit or an electric car to market doesn’t make you a Ukraine expert.
Except Elon doesn't know how to get a rocket into orbit or an electric car to market. He knows how to buy the people who know how to do those things

He got lucky because he was in on the ground floor of PayPal and, even though he got shoved off the board of directors for being a massive douchebag, he was still the largest shareholder when it got sold to eBay in '02 and therefore pocketed almost $180,000,000 from the deal.

Just because you won bigly at techbro startup roulette, it make doesn't make you the second coming of Metternich.

When Cletus picks the winning Powerball numbers we don't ask him to draft an updated Law of the Sea Treaty, do we?