Wednesday, October 05, 2022

Tough to watch...

This is tough to watch.

The dude walking up on her runs through a nearly complete visual encyclopedia of pre-assault cues, but her back is turned for much of it.

When would you have decided something was definitely amiss? Why? Can you articulate the reason? What action would you have taken at that point?

Remember from the other day, "awareness" and "mindset" are not verbs.
The people who do well in these situations not only see the situation developing, they recognize it for what it is, have a plan to execute in that situation, and the skills available to execute the plan.
These sorts of incidents aren't even necessarily gun problems. Sometimes they're a get in the car and leave with a quickness because you recognize what's going down early enough problem.

Not every problem is a gun problem. In fact most aren't.

Here's a link to the local news story about the incident.