Saturday, June 12, 2010

Fallen into the internets.

pdb tipped me off to a blog by a cop called "Raindogblue".

The style is absolutely hypnotic. Very sparse. Kinda poetic. I just looked up to see that I was 45 minutes into the archives. You should check it out.


Jim said...

Damn, that's the next Joe Friday!

Eloquent, educated yet very concise, almost terse. And a very damn good read.

Sunk New Dawn
Galveston, TX

Sean said...

Thanks for the tip!

Matt G said...

I just read the first post, and I'll be damned if I'm not a little jealous of his writing style.

Watch this one-- he's good.

Mark Alger said...

Ain' no "kinda" 'bout it.
It IS poetic.
Damn' fine stuff, too.
Thanks for the steer.


Lewis said...

Zen and the art of police work.

fast richard said...

A real Beat (cop) Poet.

reflectoscope said...

I'm in. I'd be curious to see his stats for the last and next week, I wouldn't be surprised if he already has a pretty good following.


Cond0010 said...

Thumbs up here, too. Thanks.

knice said...

Freaky. I just read that and whoever it is works in my own department!! I know who Grumpy is as I saw the blank firing pistol when he brought it back to the precinct. I joked with Grumpy that he was getting soft for not shooting the guy and he said he thought about it but was unsure of the background and felt it better to retreat. Small world...

Anonymous said...

While the *official* media world is peopled by hustlers, hacks, and ho's, all around in the *real* world there are artists among us.

I hate it (as you know ;O) when "reality" is scripted. But when it's the other way around, it's beautiful.

The name, the blue and white on black, the short lines, the sparse verbiage, and of course the writing itself...

Guy's a public servant, an artist, a poet, and a writer. A Renaissance man for real.

Think I'll go read the rest of the archives before some agent signs him up and copyrights his content.


Montie said...


Thanks for the tip. I like it and will have to add it to my regular blog buffet.

Anonymous said...

Whoops. Copyright blurb right at the top. Shit, even that is poetic.

Guess what I meant was, if an agent/lawyer gets involved, he won't be doing this for free very long. And while he should be paid, that'll probably ruin the thing.

But maybe, like a lot of cops I've known, he has a distaste for both types, especially lawyers.

Then he'll keep producing quality entertainment, insight, education and humor for free...ala Tam.

Doesn't make sense, considering the paid competition. Good for me, though. Good too that you are moving to paid product. Finally. And I don't see suits ruining you.


Anonymous said...

Which brings me to another tangential fork in the road:

Is there a viable market for a vintage iron niche FFL shop in Indy? Your experience, reputation, body of work here, plus a by-line in a national rag as a draw?

Cha-ching! 2GirlsGuns? 2GirlsandaBuddy? Cheap to set up, fun to run, hard not to make a buck.

I'm thinking of doing one in Fla, combining vintage guns with my son's vintage jewelry and coin shop; I've said before it's the only approach that could tempt me to take on the liability and hassle of an FFL again.


Anonymous said...

Good writing, I just kept reading more. Hell, you WANT to keep reading more!

John B said...

I just finished reading his whole blog. Very Damn Good.
I wish I could exchange links......

jbrock said...

Holy crap, that's good stuff. I had to tear away for a previous commitment, but it's bookmarked now.

RD said...


Thank you for linking to my blog.


Anonymous said...

Tam, thanks for turning me
on to this. Am back to the
first year, and will reach
the beginning soon.
anon, Don

mcthag said...

Damn white text on a dark background. Instant headache. Damn eyes.

Eric said...

Started at the beginning this morning at work, managed to make it to Sept. 2009 today.

RD - it's a virtual ride along!

Tam said...


And thank you for writing it. :)


zeeke42 said...

Thanks for the link. I just finished the entire archive.

Anonymous said...

What they said, thanks for the heads up.