Monday, June 28, 2010

Overheard in the Office:

RX: "Wasn't there an English missile or rocket called the Clansman? Named after..."

Me: "Senator Byrd?"

RX: "I was going to say a man from that part of the northern British Isles where they wear skirts."


Nathan said...

Burn, Bobby Byrd, burn.

Now Teddy K. has somebody's shoulders to stand on in the lava pit.

Stranger said...

If Dante had any line on the Inferno at all, both Teddy and Bobby will be frozen into a cake of ice. They reserve the spits for lesser maldoers.


Cybrludite said...

I'd say he's either in Bolgia 5 or Bolgia 8 of the 8th Circle. I'm thinking the boiling pitch of Bolgia 5, given all the graft he brought back to West Virginia.