Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Gust front.

The first news we got of the gust front yesterday was the power going out. Bobbi and I went out into the alley and I noticed a tree across a neighbor's power drop. Bobbi got on her cell phone to report it as the first fat raindrops started pelting down, along with leaves and tree branches.

Bobbi was lighting candles in the kitchen, and I decided to go watch the light show on the front porch.

Uh oh.

Turns out that the folks across the alley weren't the only ones with tree issues.

Looks like I'll be hangin' around the home front, waiting for the tree guys.


Jim said...

In our universe there a fair chance that a guy with a pickup, some heavy nylon line, and a Stihl would come around asking permission to take your tree for firewood. Might even be me.

Life among the rustics has its rewards. :)

Tam said...

Yup. I spent all winter burning storm-downed trees back in TN. :)

Of course, they have more room to fall there. Broad Ripple's a mite crowded, and it's considered sort of a social faux pas among the natives to drop a tree into the road or on the neighbor's house or car. :o

og said...

By all means keep your head down!

Pity about the tree, it was a nice one. Coldhearted as it may sound, you should ought to ask the tree guy if you can get him to drop the other one, or at least hack it back. Package deal might be cheap, and you can plant a new tree(s) of your choosing.

Jim said...

>>t's considered sort of a social faux pas among the natives to drop a tree into the road or on the neighbor's house or car.<<

It gets you suspended from the A Lists here, too. That's why ex-sailors with a few hundred feet of 3/4 nylon are in demand. :)

Joanna said...

We lost one small(ish) limb from a small(ish) tree, and it fell in the yard so no real harm done.

Of course, it fell in the two seconds I wasn't out on the porch watching, so I'm a little cheesed off about that.

Kevin said...

When I saw the title to this post, I was thinking you were going to comment on John Ringos novel by the same name.

Tam said...

I did select the title with his book in mind.

Will said...

Hmmm, LARGE pine tree in the side yard dropped one of it's upper large limbs a couple days ago. Don't know why, although I notice that the wood seems rather dry for being live. smaller branches would snap, instead of bending and splitting.
Broke off right at the trunk, more than a foot in diameter. Would have made a decent size tree by itself. It was sitting vertical, with the base resting against the trunk, a couple feet down from where it broke. Took most of the day to get parts of it off the roof, and figure out how to get the main piece down without taking out the fence or bedroom wall (or joggers!) Didn't use any rope, since the only place to tie to would have been another branch, and I was envisioning a domino or cascade effect 8-) Exciting!

Gewehr98 said...

Hope you weren't too distracted by the storm and leaning trees to ignore the Big Brown Truck o' Love when it showed up. Let me know how the vintage flux capacitor's working, ok?

Tam said...

Package arrived unharmed. Stop. Thanks! Stop. Tree drama has delayed setup. Stop.

Lost yr email! :o

Gewehr98 said...

Check PM @ TFL. :-)