Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Well, that makes me feel better.

Riding the bike to the grocery store has got to be healthy and good for me and stuff, but I had a nagging feeling that, you know, maybe 10-20 minutes of pedaling wasn't measurably helpful. I mean, I wasn't putting on any special clothes to do it, and my bike is all earth tones and has a basket and nothing on it is made out of carbon fiber, so maybe I wasn't actually exercising.

So imagine my pleasure at seeing this news:
Biking for as little as five minutes a day can help women minimize weight gain as they enter middle age, especially if they're overweight to begin with, a new study suggests.
Well alrighty, then.


FatWhiteMan said...

I thought about riding a bike to the store. But since I would still be buying a cartload of bacon, I figured what's the point?

og said...

Tam: You're like, 9" in diameter. WTF you need exercise for? More shooting will improve your muscle tone.

Stuart the Viking said...

The fact that you don't have carbon anything on your bike makes it MORE of a workout when you ride, not less. Heavier bike = more energy expended to move it = better workout.

I never did understand the guys who bike like 20 miles a day but do it on a bike that weighs less than my left shoe. It's like lifting really big weights, only making them out of fluff so they aren't so hard to lift. If they really want a workout, they should put a cinder block on a chain and drag that behind them when they do their 20 mile ride.



Anonymous said...

don't you just love to be vindicated?

Tam said...

Yes. The smug output of my bike just doubled. :)

Joel said...

I've always found that smug is only evil when it's in the service of people who are wrong.

IE, people who disagree with me. ;^)

theirritablearchitect said...

What og said.

Breda said...

That's it, I'm getting my bike out of the garage.

DirtCrashr said...

Does this bike make my butt look fat? If I mention that specifically to my wife I'll get a smack upside the head.

My old, weighty, steel-framed Schwinn Varsity built lung-power and legs.

Earl said...

Make sure the bike you get is fed with 89 octane and purrs as you twist that throttle vigorously for about five hundredths of a calorie burn, don't know how far you would get in five minutes but it won't do nothing to one's weight - except the one on one's mind. Removes it completely.

reflectoscope said...

Considering that the weight of the bicycle and the weight of the lock necessary to secure it usually equal a constant, if the lycra crowd on their go-fast bikes carried their locks around it'd all work out.

I've got one of the ones from the extreme right edge of Kryptonite's range, just in case I really need to win that arms race. Heavy SOB, though.


Anonymous said...

Tam, you are not fat, just fluffy sometimes.

(Hides behind kevlar boulder)


Ulises from CA

Carl H said...

I wasn't putting on any special clothes to do it, and my bike is all earth tones and has a basket..."

That's the beauty of the wookie suit!