Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Right in the X-ring after all?

You know, for a show that was roundly pooh-poohed as being a lowest common denominator, watered-down show for non-shooters, Sunday's inaugural episode of Top Shot is still generating a phenomenal amount of Monday-morning quarterbacking among shooters here on Tuesday morning.

See if you can guess the topic of discussion on tonight's episode of Gun Nuts Radio. Ready? Go!


Stranger said...

As long as a program shows shooting as the fun sport it is, and not as a potential threat, I'm all for it.


Miguel said...

Other than the shooting, I found it boring. It was based on an outdated format of reality TV.
If they just decided to do a head on competition and then provide some nourishing food, some beers and tape them talking afterward, it would have been a better show.
The insistence of tv producers to create a soap opera environment is truly annoying.

Montie said...


Once again, I think you are missing the point. Shooters already love the sport. Non-shooters, particularly those who may have a negative view of guns and gun owners are familiar and comfortable with the "Survivor" format and a few may be won over to at least give it a try.

I too found it boring except that I knew Mike seeklander as a local Tulsa shooter and Caleb from his blog (which you can link to from here).


Hmmm, does Caleb have to abide by any agreement as to what he can talk about, as in only discussing the first episode on GNR?