Sunday, June 27, 2010

Busy busy busy.

Yesterday morning was full of errands.

Yesterday afternoon, we decided to pedal up the Monon to get a new chain put on Bobbi's bicycle at Bike Line. Despite the positively wilting heat and humidity, there were a surprising number of people cycling yesterday, and the joint was jumping at the bike shoppe. Still, service was quick and while-U-wait, leaving me only enough time to get exposed to some refrigerated air and drool on the Soho for a minute or two before it was time to saddle up again.

We zipped over to the Monon Food Company for a late lunch. Bobbi had a Greek salad for an appetizer, which she pronounced awesome, and a pulled pork sammich. I tried the pulled pork; it was adequate, but I'm pretty jaded on the topic, being from the South. I'd give it six-and-a-half stars or so, but I might be rounding down because I prefer my sauce more tangy and less sweet, and I like to put it on myself. (If the 'Cue comes with the sauce already on it, that's automatically down two stars right there.)

I had their salmon wrap, which was a wrap in contents, but more like a humongous soft taco in shape. It was absolutely delicious, and pretty filling. It was washed down with a Sunlight Cream Ale from local brewer Sun King, because it was just too muggy out for anything heavier. The Sunlight was very pleasant, and just right for the weather; so much so that I ventured out later in the afternoon for a 4-pack to put in the fridge.

After pedaling back home, I melted into an inert puddle for an hour or two, barely mustering the energy to operate the telephonic thingummy, and waited for the sun to set. I will be oh so glad when this heat wave passes; we've been in the low nineties as often as not here of late, with humidity numbers more appropriate to ATL than IND. Supposedly we'll be back in the eighties and drier come the first part of the week.


JohnW said...

Ahem. After clambering down from the roof where two hours were spent - as was I - removing threatening branches prior to Monsoon season, I grabbed my last Singha and my laser thermometer. According to it my sunlit truck came in at 137F, positively balmy compared to the driveway's 150. Speak to me not of heat.

Darrell said...

One thing that keeps me in Colorado--the typical low humidity/high desert conditions. It may get into the 90s, but when it does, humidity is in single digits. I can't handle going to the midwest during summer, and I grew up there. :P

Anonymous said...

It was so humid a fish swam past me while I was out running yesterday.

Harsh lands bred hard (and sweaty) men--and harder gunbloggers.

What? No one tried the gyros?

Shootin' Buddy

Joanna said...

Supposedly we'll be back in the eighties and drier come the first part of the week.

Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

oh wait you're serious.