Wednesday, June 30, 2010

I know that there are DST haters out there, but... sure was nice to be able to pedal up to Kroger and back after 8:30 with plenty of available light.

Beautiful weather for riding, too: Mid-70s and dry... It could stay like this year 'round and I wouldn't mind a bit.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like a nice ride.

And all it took was a bit of gov manipulation of natural order.

Imagine the possibilities.


Matt said...

You mean 7:30. Let's just be honest about what time it really was.

Tam said...


"And all it took was a bit of gov manipulation of natural order."

You're right; that government road I was pedaling on was unnatural, alright. I didn't signal all of my turns, though, just to keep some shred of Wookie-Suited Purity.


"You mean 7:30. Let's just be honest about what time it really was."

No, I'm pretty sure my roomie had been home from work for an hour. ;)

"All time is an illusion. Lunchtime doubly so." -D. Adams

The Jack said...

Bah! The very idea of timezones are a goverment manipulation of the natural order.

How come we have to submit to the same time as our masters in DC? That's hundreds of miles to the East.

Can't you see! The State is trying to control time itself!

Time should be put back into the hands of the people, or at least the municipality.

Hmm.... needs more wookie.

perlhaqr said...

8, 9, 7, 3, 13, whatever. It's just a number. It's utterly meaningless outside the context of communal agreement (if no one will agree on when "eight o'clock" is, the descriptor is irrelevant) and totally orthogonal to describing an actual level of solar illumination.

We live on a planet with an axial tilt. We should just accept it, pick one time, and go with that. I think people would adapt to living on UTC fast enough if we picked that.

Justthisguy said...

If you wanna get up an hour earlier in the summertime, you'll just have to remember to get up an hour earlier in the summertime.

Further: Now that everybody is connected instantaneously all around the globe, there is no longer any reason for keeping zone time, let alone the so-called daylight saving time.

We should keep Zulu time, for distant communications, and local Mean Solar Time, for local business like getting up and going to work.

When I get all of my clocks working, and somebody phones me and asks what time it is, I'll ask right back: Zulu, local actual, or Government?

Of all of the things I hate about the Feddle Goobermint, I think "daylight saving time" is among the ten most hateful.

Frank W. James said...

Well, if you like it so much you can vote Mitch Daniels when he runs for President because that's pretty much all he has reallya accomplished for Indiana, despite all the media crap that says otherwise...


All The Best,
Frank W. James

karrde said...

I suspect that Time Zones were created/encouraged/supported by Rail-Road companies long before the Feds became involved.

It's kind of hard to make the trains run on time if each little town is using Local Solar Time to set the clock in the town square. So the train companies began referring to NY-time, CHI-time, etc.

They prolly did convince the Feds to write it up on a map a couple decades later.

Still have no idea where DST came from, though.

Anonymous said...

Karrde, I read the same thing about timezones and the railroad.

In the long list of things I get outraged by, timezones and DST are very low on the list. When we get the whole freedom thing resolved, then I'll start frothing at the mouth about DST.


Homer said...

When I worked for a certain business entity I was in a group that managed a piece of our worldwide production; I set my watch to zulu because everyone we dealt with used zulu as the universal timehack. After a couple days doing the -5 for eastern to deal with outsiders came pretty naturally. After a couple weeks clocks set to EST looked funny.

Tam said...


"If you wanna get up an hour earlier in the summertime, you'll just have to remember to get up an hour earlier in the summertime."

Who said anything about getting up an hour earlier? I'm awake when the sun comes up anyway. Maybe you could sleep an hour later?

That daylight is effing useless to me at 6AM. We could shift mean solar by an hour year 'round and I'd be tickled pink, especially because it seems to make people froth so much.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I might froth a bit, but I'll comply...don't want the TIME SWAT showing up at my door wielding "the threat of naked force".

Imagine the possibilities:


All right, boy, you let this be a lesson to you; you keep those little hands where we TELL you to keep 'em got it? Next time it won't go so easy for you...and get that dead dog outta here before I call the health department!"


Tam said...

Oh, don't worry, AT, the pelt of your wookie suit is obviously fuller and more luxuriant than mine.

Old Grouch said...

Actually, last night you probably would have had plenty of light regardless. Even on standard time, civil twilight wouldn't have been over until 20:49.

D.W. Drang said...

While it was recognized that "local time" was not the same as "time back home" long before the railroad, the railroad had much, if not everything, to do with the establishment of "official time/time zones" in the nineteenth century.

As for Daylight Savings Time, I thought every good Wookie Suiter (as opposed to Wookie Suitor) knew that Doctor Franklin proposed it as a joke.

Anonymous said...

It's never the right time to shop at Kroger. They give money to gun control groups and openly pushed for Obamacare. If Waffle House only sold frozen foods...

Weer'd Beard said...

I'll make sure to leave a comment as I walk to the train with the street lights on at 3:30!

Anonymous said...

No, I'm in my lightweight summer w. suit now; it's hotter'n hades here in FLA...

So I can comfortably and consistently wear it on my evening bike rides just as well as when I'm pickin' up a sixer and some vino down at the Publix (we don't have Krogers).


Tam said...

Anon 12:05,

"If Waffle House only sold frozen foods..."

Ze Luftwaffle Haus has a blanket "No Guns" corporate policy. Turn in your wookie suit.


"...I can comfortably and consistently wear it on my evening bike rides..."

On government roads? Turn in your wookie suit.

You buncha whited sepulchers!

Anonymous said...

Biblical invective?

Turn in *your* wookie suit.

And FYI, I'm more of a pinked sepulcher than a whited or blacked one.


Joe in PNG said...

Bah, here in the equatorial third world, we don't have or need this "daylight savings time" you speak of.

Of course, we also don't have legal gun ownership, good roads, or Krogers either.

Justthisguy said...

Death Wish hast recht. DST was really started by Kaiser Bill's government in the Great War, to get more work out of the workers, as most factories then were still lit by daylight.

Those are the same people who gave us flamethrowers, indiscriminate aerial bombing (from Zeppelins!), war gasses, and mass genocide.

Keep the time where you are, or keep Zulu. There's no excuse for doing any different these days.