Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Justice is not only blind, but apparently mentally handicapped as well.

Remember the Marion County Deputy Prosecutor who played a little liquored-up game of "bumper cars" in my neighborhood last year and then resigned?

Guess who got her old job back?

Bonus: She pled out of the DUI and wasn't even charged with Leaving The Scene. Do you think you or I would have gotten the same treatment? (Don't bother answering that question; it was rhetorical.)

I'd say that it's things like this that destroy the public's trust in the prosecutor's office, but that would imply that there was still some public trust left to destroy.

The winning comment so far?
"Maybe the drunk driver is doing community service, was court ordered to work for Carl Brizzi."
I think Brizzi's about ready for the big time. I've heard that talent scouts from New Orleans and Chicago have been spotted around downtown.


Anonymous said...

The current joke outside Marion Superior 9 is to hold up a copy of an office building in Elkhart while discussing the plea agreement with the prosecution.

Shootin' Buddy

staghounds said...

Declaring my interest, I'm a prosecutor.

I am ashamed of and angry about what the Special did.

IFF there was a serious problem with the proof, the Special had an independent duty to dismiss the charges or accept a plea to what he could actually prove. A prosecutor's job is NOT to try cases he doesn't think he can prove. He's supposed to NOT press those, remember?

Having said that, the reasons for the plea down ought to be open and explained on the record. And on the courthouse steps to the news cameras.

"We can't prove DWI, the machine was defective. Here's the engineering report".

Or, "The law requires a written waiver in order to use the test. The police didn't get one before they gave the test, so it's not admissible. The video shows that the first thing she said to the police was "I want a lawyer, don't thalk to me". No one smelled her breath. She is an epileptic.
All we can prove is that she hit someone."

Otherwise, plea as charged or have a Jury decide.

Because the citizens have a right to VERY TRANSPARENT justice when it's a public official Especially especially if it's law enforcement.

I'm very embarassed by Brizzi. This makes him (and since I do the job too) look corrupt.

As I understand it, she was a hard worker, sharp, and otherwise a credit to the office. Anyone can have a bad day, and that might be a part of a bigger problem that's now been dealt with.

I could BARELY comprehend rehiring her if she took her lumps. But this isn't what happened. How could he be so far from reality to think that this was anything but cruel poison to his former ADA?

Combined with the (apparent) sweetheart deal, people in Indianapolis ought to toss him at the next election.

I still feel sorriest for the victim, and second sorriest for Miss DePrez.

Hunsdon said...

Some animals are more . . . oh heck, that's not even funny anymore.

Paul said...

Hang em. Let God sort it out.

Anonymous said...

Ummm, I don't think any state hangs people for misdemeanors. We certainly don't do that north of the Ohio.

Stag, yes, but what great fun it is for us. "I'd like the deputy prosecutor sweetheart deal please."

No more label-grabbing from any of the Marion County OWI prosecutors. No more pompous monologues on how horrific the crime of OWI is. No more "OWI endangers us all, no one is safe from this booze-filled mayhem, not even kittens or puppies!"

We still can't get Reckless Driving like she got, but at least it has shut them up.

Shootin' Buddy

Tam said...

It's gotta be tough working in Brizzi's office, what with all those FBI agents coming and going...

Matt G said...

Livid is not a strong enough term.

Note that if you go to the Marion County Prosecutor's Office web page, you see a picture of Brizzi, with his tag line:
"Criminals have a choice...
...victims don't."

Apparently, he's decided that his office is now the Burger King for plea-in-bars for DUI*.

Look, I'm a cop who has made a lot of DWI arrests. I know how the game is played. I've had a bunch of secondary charges go away, for my arrestee to plea to the one charge. But this is dirty. There's no other way to see it.

*If by "community service" they mean: "had a job with our office, and will continue to work for pay at our office."

Anonymous said...

Prosecutors get choices too.

They have their choice of commerical office space in Elkhart, Indiana.


Shootin' Buddy

staghounds said...

It's the scouts from Danbury and Leavenworth he ought to be worried about.