Thursday, June 24, 2010

Top Bow.

I feel qualified to comment semi-knowledgeably about the gun stuff on Top Shot, but when it comes to bows, all I know is a collection of assorted historical triviata. Other than useless factoids like "Western self-bows were drawn to the ear while Asiatic composite bows were drawn to the nose with the aid of a thumb ring," and stuff like that, I know pretty much bupkis about archery.

Fortunately this is not the case with everyone, and OrangeNeck has some interesting observations on the last episode of Top Shot, from someone who knows more about bows & arrows than "The pointy end goes that way."


Anonymous said...

So we have loose screws in the Springfield and bad fletching on the arrows.

Next week, shotgun shells loaded with rice.


Caleb said...

Re: the fletching on the arrows. The expert didn't seem to have problems with getting his hits on target using the incorrectly fletched arrows. In fact, one of our guys who bow hunts actually asked about the fletching issue. The expert, who actually makes these bows for a living said "it actually doesn't matter that much for what you'll be doing with the bow."

Anonymous said...

Bring on the slingshots!

Shootin' Buddy

Buffboy said...

Caleb, If the arrow is spined right for the bow, it doesn't matter what fletching you have. The back of the arrow will not touch the bow at all. If that's a little off, feathers are more forgiving but not a lot. Your expert was right about the vanes to a point, though Orange Neck has quite a few other valid points. Saw lots of shooting form issues in the program that probably damaged accuracy far more.

Caleb said...

Oh yeah. I absolutely agree that our shooting form was not what you'd hope for, and would definitely impact our ability to get hits on target. All our instructor addressed was the equipment issue; Wai is absolutely correct that we mostly sucked at shooting a bow.

OrangeNeck said...

Thanks, Tam!!