Friday, December 30, 2005

Best of...: Chrinukwaanvusdan Swag '05

Towards the latter end of December, I celebrate the High Holy Day of my religion: Capitalism. On this day, we Capitalists try to give friends gifts that, either in their fiscal grandiosity or their perfect Target Marketing, make the recipient squeal with glee. In return, we often get cool swag. In no particular order follows some stuff that made me squeal:

5: A gunslinger's belt.

A Milt Sparks belt: In double layer black leather with a silver buckle, this subtly-contoured belt is just perfect for toting a heavy 1911 in an IWB holster.

4: Happy Tam In A Bag.

A thoughtful friend provided a quart bottle of St. Theresa's Cold Mountain Winter Ale and a bar of hand-imported Sarotti Marzipan, handily stuffed in a paper sack. Add a book, and you have one happy Tam for a night. :)

3: A chunk of Victory.

Another dear friend bestowed an authentic 1"x1"x1" chunk of teak from HMS Victory's orlop deck on me. For a compulsive closet museum curator like myself, this is a gift beyond price. It now sits in a plexiglas container next to my authentic Roman pilum head. Speaking of pila...

2: A gynormous toadsticker.

The same friend ordered the hardware for a pilum, and then sat down to whittle and fashion the weapon herself. Tres cool. Now all I need is a Gaul at which to chuck it...

1: The expensive part of a pistol.

Another really cool Chrinukwaanvusdan gift was a bare 1911 frame that a friend purchased from my employer to gift me. Such a noble gift deserves a noble build: When it's done, it'll be a 5" gun in 9x25 Dillon, with a Caspian damascus slide. Yum.

...and much more, but I seem to have painted myself into a corner with my "top 5" format...

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