Saturday, December 31, 2005

Books: Gun Pr0n for your coffee table.

A friend gave me a copy of Steel Canvas: The Art of American Arms, by R.L. Wilson, and I haven't stopped drooling since. Page after page after glossy, full-color page of engraved, inlayed, and ivoried pistols, long guns, swords, and Bowies. More beautifully-figured wood than you can imagine. A whole herd's worth of carved ivory. Enough gold inlay to unbalance the market. When I say "Gun Pr0n", here, I am not kidding. With a capital "P", no less.

I highly recommend it.


Xavier said...

I've got that one. Some of the Art Deco guns are stunning no?

Dr. StrangeGun said...

Ah yes, I had that one sitting on my coffee table for a long time. Generally had it opened to some of the more beautiful pistols, in the abject hopes that some of the roomie's more liberal guests would look and see the art and not the evil gun :-D

holy jeez, the auth phrase... vmakslzs!