Sunday, December 11, 2005

Politics: Way out in the left grandstands...

Via Jeff at Alphecca, we hear that the Prime Minister of Canuckistan and his shaky Junta wish to solve the lilliputian crime wave in Toronto by emulating the successful strategies used in such southern utopias as Chicago, NYC, and Washington, DC.

Cynics, of course, are pointing out that such grandstanding is merely an attempt to generate feel-good vibes in order to stave off being handed their pink slips by angry voters. One would think that they could have paid a bit more attention to their Spiritual Kin here in Los Estados Unidos, who found out the hard way that gun control is hardly the vote-getter they thought it would be. Those who were likely to applaud various victim disarmament schemes are likely already voting a liberal line, while the threat of confiscating valuable private property from voters isn't going to draw undecided ballots towards your side of any issue.

My prediction?

Nice shootin', Tex; you didn't need that toe, anyway...

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