Monday, December 05, 2005

Boomsticks: Eek!

Jeff at Alphecca is a little late with his scary Halloween post.

No, not this one; this one.

A return of the Scary-Looking Gun Ban? Brrrr!

I was running a gun shop when it came around for the first time, too, and I find the difference in my responses interesting. Back then, I was all about the wondernines and scary rifles, and I rushed about in a tizzy, stocking up on mags for my Glocks and SIGs and Astras and CZ clones. I picked up another MAK-90, a couple of AK drum mags, and a bunch of 30-rounders.

For a hypothetical '06 repeat?

Well, I don't even own any handguns that take large capacity magazines, nor do I accumulate scary-looking rifles anymore. The only self-loading rifle I own that was made after 1950 is Project Housegun, and it's more a tool than it is part of my collection. I'd probably spend a chunk of my next paycheck on some durable steel HK 30-rd SA80 magazines, and swap one of my more expendable 1911's (probably the Springfield Lightweight Loaded) for a couple of AR lowers with collapsable stocks. I'd go ahead and take pictures of the lowers, assembled together with my eeeevil bayonet-lugged upper, sitting atop today's newspaper, and then put the upper back on Project Housegun and stash the lowers in a closet to await eventual completion.

That'd be it, really. The rest of my time would be spent tearing off angry rants at my congresscritters and jogging them to the mailbox.

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