Thursday, December 08, 2005

Blog Stuff: Funny.

Shots Across The Bow offers a conclusive breakdown on why prospective parents of a frugal bent should hope for a boychild.


Oleg said...

Could always raise a tomboy ;-)

pax said...

You'll note she left out food.

The girl child constantly pretends to be on a diet during the teen years.

Whereas the boy goes out for wrestling or football, to justify the truly amazing amount of fodder he must shovel down.

I'm convinced that the difference in grocery bills more than makes up for the comparative cost of underthings.


Les Jones said...

If being frugal's the plan, remember that if your child's born on December 31 you get the tax deduction for the whole year.

Elmo's aphasiatic twin said...

We're raising a boy and a girl. This year we've shelled out far more on the boy when his ingrown toenail operations are taken into account. Practicing medicine without a license is starting to look financially attractive.

Tam said...


"You'll note she left out food."

I was pondering the purchase price and insurance cost differences between a used Camaro and a used Civic. ;)

James J. Na said...

Family consensus in the Na clan (that'd be my family) is that girls are generally much, much easier to raise than boys... until they hit about 12 (was 16 even 10 years ago, but the bar keeps going down).

Then the "I hate my father" and "I must date the most dangerous, reckless boy in town" phase begins and that cute, helpful, considerate, soft-spoken, angelic gentle soul who spraing from your loins turns into a daily (or nightly) nightmare of staying up late worrying over midnight dates and other atrocities that make you want to shoot someone (usually her date).

In contrast, my family feels that boys are like Labrador puppies. They are hell on wheels and wreck everything until they become adults (that's about 2 for Labs). When they finally turn human, they can be great companions for shooting, training partner for Jujutsu and doing other guy stuff (when they can finally throw or out-punch their fathers, the fun diminishes somewhat, but not by much).

Or so my family tells me.