Sunday, December 04, 2005

Blog Stuff: Funny.

James J. Na posts about the impending disaster in the Blackberry patch.

Personally, I think the Blackberry is the second-silliest handheld communication idea ever, behind only cell-phone text messaging. ("If only there was some way I could use this cell phone to get a message to my friend, who also has a cell phone." The very first text message I ever saw someone send? "Call Me." I am not kidding.)

Remember, folks: Email is only one third of the Computing Triad. Until a gizmo can also handle games and porn, it won't catch on.


Anonymous said...

Email to SMS gateway, perfect for one way communication. I'd much rather send an email telling someone something, than leaving a note on the fridge. I've also sent my roommate a message that the police were shooting radar down the road from us, rather than calling him. It's less distracting while driving and cost less on his prepaid phone anyway.
I have no clue, however, on how to send a message from the phone's keypad. I ought to learn though, because in a 9/11 type scenario, you will more than likely be unable to get a dial tone on your mobile. But because the text messaging uses the cellular hand-off frequencies, you can frequently get a text message through.
43 folders has a list of all the email to cellphone gateways. If your buddy has a prepaid, you need to know what major provider his reseller uses. Virgin Mobile, for example, I think uses Sprint.

The Commander said...

I don't know. My Blackberry is kind of handy. I can check in on the minions with it, send email, play games, surf the web for deviant desires and call in a pizza all at the same time. It's like having a mobile command post anywhere I go. Or don't go as the case may be.