Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Politics: Keep your hands off my paycheck...

SayUncle reports on a fresh attack of heartstring-tugging to distract us from another grab at our wallets. Apparently we're to feel so sorry for the mathematically-challenged Ms. Abel that we agree to let our paychecks be plundered to keep her in low-tax Ho-Hos and Tab. After being exposed to (il)logic like Ms. Abel's, our frequent electoral farces are starting to make a lot more sense.

Raise your hand if you think that the sales tax would be cut if they passed an income tax.

Now raise your hand if you think we'd be left standing with a dazed look on our faces, empty wallets, and our trousers around our ankles.

Thought so.


Anonymous said...

I would support an income tax only if the same bill completely repealed sales tax. It's a matter of limiting the vehicles they have to tax. They can currently raise sales tax. If they had both, they could raise both.

One or the other only, please.


Elmo's aphasiatic twin said...

I wonder how many local and state services and employees funded by sales taxes Ms. Abel benefitted from, drove by, drove on or drove past on the way to another state. If any of those programs are cut in order to cut taxes, those same people would be stirred up by another special-interest group to call and write state legislators with protests.

If the tax system became "fair", the only road running to Ms. Abel's rural home would be the narrow path carved by the hooves of her conveyance, her ass. Then someone would get a bright idea to collect tax on the ass.

Anonymous said...

"left standing with a dazed look on our faces, empty wallets, and our trousers around our ankles."

Not much different than most Saturday mornings for me.


CGHill said...

In Oklahoma we have a sales tax (4.5 percent, plus various city and county imposts; in Oklahoma City it's a startling 8.375 percent total) and an income tax.

I suspect the only reason they haven't taxed tumbleweeds is because the bastards won't sit still long enough.