Friday, December 16, 2005

Boomsticks: Victory!!!!

So, I had my day off all mapped out:

Wake up. Chill and surf the 'net a bit. Do some laundry. Go eat some barely-dead cow. Go spring a pistol from the hock shop. Nice, relaxed, and...

*ring, ring*


"Hey, didn't you want a 3" Model 657?"

"Yeah, that's the only 3" N-frame Smith & Wesson caliber I'm missing." (I have a .357 Mag, a 10mm, a .44 Spl, a .44 Mag, a .45 ACP, and a .45 Colt; the Model 657 is chambered in .41 Magnum...)

"There's a guy here who's selling one. Apparently you'd told him that if he ever wanted to part with it, you'd take it."

"Dammit, I need my spare cash to... Never mind. How much will he take?"

"He says he has $400 in it."

"Will he take $400 for it?"

"Hang on... Yeah."

"Tell him I'll be right there, and that he has lousy timing."

On the downside? I still have a pistol languishing in Durance Vile at the local prawn shop.

On the upside? I have managed to call "Bingo!" in the 3" N-frame game. Now, on to my next Collector Quest. :)


Kirk said...

Sweet... got the whole series... I am glad I don't do that with cars...

Adam T. said...

Awesome! Now you know you're going to have to bring it to the range and fire off a few rounds...

...just make sure to let me know when! :p