Thursday, December 22, 2005

Blog Stuff: Pseudo LiveJournal post...

Another raging night of insomnia setting in...

Thank Shiva that Christmas is almost here.

Folks ask me "What are you doing for Christmas?" My smiling response is something vague, unthreatening and noncommital, like "Spending it with friends!" because most happy suburbanites don't want to hear "I work in retail, darling. What I'm going to do is be happy for the day off, lock my doors, drink my way clean past drunk until I come back 'round to sober, and cheer the post-holiday return to normalcy. If that fat guy in the red suit tries to come down my chimney, he's gonna stop a mag-full of 75gr Hornady TAP. This is Tennessee; they'll never convict me for sparking an obvious home invader..."

[mood| Borderline pathological.]
[music| Front 242, Animal: Cage/Gate/Guide]


Chris said...

I grew up with my dad working (and still working) as a retail manager, so I'm very aware of the hell that is Thanksgiving through New Years in the retail biz. For the two weeks prior to Christmas and the week afterwords, all he does is work. He'll be off Christmas Eve night, Christmas Day, and maybe the day after Christmas, but he'll be back in time for the "returns" rush.

I said I'd never have anything to do with retail after school and I haven't. Working in IT, things actually slow down this time of year. :P


Elmo's aphasiatic twin said...

Tam, hug the teddy bear. And surely you can snuff out Santa with just one or two of those TAPs. Replacing a whole magazine of that stuff would sure cut into the Ramen Pride budget.