Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Great Idea, Part II.

You in?


Tennessee Budd said...

Now THAT is an idea whose time has come.

Jeff the Baptist said...

Actually I believe Dogbert had that idea a long while back.

Merl said...

"and every rental gun with screw-on grips will have genuine ivory grip panels."

Because pearl is only for a New Orleans pimp

Anonymous said...

I had the idea a long time ago, sans bookstore. (I like the bookstore idea.)

Impossible to get a license as guns and alcohole don't mix.

A shooting range/smokeshop/bookstore might work, but it loses a lot without the bar IMHO.

I even proposed the idea of a one entrance with green wrist band into the gun range, then to gain access to the other sections from inside the gun range, your wristband is replaced for a red one at the bar once you purchace your first cocktail thereby denying you access to the gun range, but it didn't fly.

Then there is the problem of tax regulation on a bar/gunshop + finding an Insurance Carrier = not profitable and takes all the fun out of a great idea.

Might work in another state, but not in MN.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and there are zoning laws about gun ranges and bars being so far away from each other too...