Monday, March 05, 2007


Everybody's getting rightly torqued about the video that shows the two stoners passing the blunt with the tykes they were supposed to be babysitting. (...and why would you let your thug relative alone with your child? How dumb do you have to... never mind.)

Hopefully these two clowns will receive the stomping they so richly deserve...


HollyB said...

I'll repeat what I said over on LawDogFiles...I certainly hope that all the Daddys and Uncles in the Tarrant Co. jail for property crimes, the ones missin' their babies and nieces and nephews get some "quality" time w/these punks.
The Great grandmother of the little boys thusly abused by the punks was on the news Sunday. She was expressing her Anger and outrage. I'd like to see the punks released to HER and a couple of strappin young volunteers to mete out whatever punishment she deems fit.

Anonymous said...

I'm going straight to hell...I laughed my butt off at this whole deal.

First off, there is the pious newsie announcing "shocking" footage to get people really interested in a juicy story. Then, there is the thought of two dumb criminals taping their own crime. Finally, there is the thought that somehow, somewhere, a cop was bored enough to watch the home video collection of the stoner he'd just arrested. Maybe he was looking for some home-made pr0n, and found this instead?

staghounds said...

Why is anyone surprised? They are just teaching him the skills they have themselves. It's what mammals are wired to do.

We get what we pay for.

Perhaps I'm jaded, I once went on a search warrant in which we found about $40,000 (22 months' pay for me)and 255 pounds of marijuana. When we broke in the house, there they were at the kitchen table with about a pound of weed- father, mother, and 12 year old son. Family values.