Friday, March 09, 2007

Damn straight we do.

And we ain't afraid to use 'em, neither.

(Note nifty CCA product placement in this video, as well as a cameo by the dashing young ColtCCO.)

(H/T to Conservative Scalawag.)


SayUncle said...

Kinda funny but back when CCA was Gun Craft, I happened to play the role of 'hapless gun store patron' right after that kid decided to shoot the cop with an SKS. I asked both the reporter and camera man if they wanted to take a turn with the old glock 30. They declined. The reporter chick declined with fear in her eyes.

Good to see that reporter send some lead down range.


Dr. StrangeGun said...


Holy jeez!

Now, who needs a gun store/range in DC? *evil grin*

daleosborn said...

I am impressed that the reporter in the video actually fired a handgun!

shooter said...

probably one of the few RARE news reports that doesn't smack of anti-gun bias. Very nice. BTW, where were you in all this?

Matt G said...

"I am impressed that the reporter in the video actually fired a handgun!"

Not particularly well, but, yeah, she did. I say though: regardless of form, our reporter Allison looked damned cute doing it.

Aw crap. That's going to be taken as sexist, isn't it?

My point, see, is that you don't get a pass on ability and form, even though you may look good doing just about anything. (The red trimmed safety glasses were cute, too.)

Okay, I'm just giddy from lack of sleep, now. . .

Anonymous said...

"It seems that with the surge of single women in their 30s now who maybe don't have that male role in their life" — So an armed fish actually does not need a bicycle?

"...she heads to the gun range about once every four to six months..." - We have a way to go yet.

"She carries her gun in her holster in the small of her back."
-Someone please help this woman before she jumps over a fence or something.