Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Blog Stuff: She's crafty!

Displays of handy little talents like this one by Mauser*Girl always leave folks like myself, who have difficulty tying our shoes*, standing in slack-jawed amazement.

(*I always got lost at all the talk about the bunny running around the tree and jumping in the hole. Halfway through the process the bunny usually slipped, fell, concussed herself, and I was looking for scissors to get the knot out of my shoelace.)


Anonymous said...


Alcibiades said...

I had multi-colored strings to learn how to tie shoes and other knots.

Before that I relied on velcro.

imzadi01 said...

Zipper side combat boots and a girlfriend nice enough to wait untill after she tied the laces to fall over laughing

Sigivald said...

Splicing (running and eye-loop) is pretty impressive, too.

(And then there's the monkey's paw knot where, instead of just rope or air inside, you have a 12-16 ounce lead weight... but that really is a weapon by any sensible standard.

Boy, does it smash a tin can good.)

Mauser*Girl said...

^^ Thanks muchly for linking!

Those knots are actually REALLY easy. Well, maybe not the Monkey Fist - that one took me awhile - but the one I used on the collar is.

jon spencer said...

Go here and and read about the book that has just about any and all knots.
With uses and how to tie them.


Unknown said...

The monkey fist is pretty neat. I have one on my keychain, with a pretty hefty ball bearing inside.

It looks pretty innocent, but anyone getting that thing against the skull at full swing is going to have to relearn his ABCs.