Monday, March 05, 2007

Way too much TV.

Swept up in a Tom Clancy fantasy, Pugsley now thinks we're using the position of Deputy Secretary of State as a diplomatic cover for a nearly septuagenarian cold-blooded trained killer, whose 37 years of experience in the Foreign Service have, I guess, equipped him to slay people by stuffing canapes down their throats at embassy teas.


Pugsley news is now officially frequent and funny enough to rate its own category here at VFTP.


Anonymous said...

What a maroon.

After all, EVERYBODY knows that our super secret ninja assassin diplomat is John Bolton.

Draven said...

If e were out to kill Chavez, he's be making that accusation from the wrong side of the grass he's obviously smoking.

Steve Skubinna said...

Now he's done it - he's signed his own death warrant.

Unless it's convenient for Smirkychimp W. Pretzelchoker McHitlerburton's plan that Chavez stays alive... hmmm. So maybe he's an unwitting tool, like all those 9/11 Truthers that Rove keeps around to draw attention from the real action?

And no, I'm not going to tell you. If you have to ask, then that means you aren't cleared.

Anonymous said...

Well, in 1953 the CIA overthrew the government of Iran through two superspies named Kermit and Norman. FWIW, Norman's kid later returned to the area...

Sometimes, coups are run by the Dulles guys you can imagine.