Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Hilarious Bush Derangement Syndrome sighting.

LOS ANGELES (March 5) -- Three weeks ago a handful of reporters at an international press junket here for the Warner Brothers movie “300,” about the battle of Thermopylae some 2,500 years ago, cornered the director Zack Snyder with an unanticipated question.

"Is George Bush Leonidas or Xerxes?" one of them asked.

Neither, you moron.

Proof positive that the brainiacs are all over at the Business desk and that Entertainment writers are barely higher up the evolutionary chain than molluscs or Entertainment Tonight hosts.


Unknown said...

What's that definition again?

"A fanatic is someone who can't change his mind and won't change the subject."

The patchouli lovers who run everything in life through the Chimpy McHitlerburton Analogy Machine are just as amusing as the bible thumpers who apply the Jebediah-begat-Jedediah Magic Bible Decoder Ring.

LawDog said...

... that Entertainment writers are barely higher up the evolutionary chain than molluscs or Entertainment Tonight hosts.

Aren't you being a bit harsh to the molluscs of the world?

Anonymous said...

This is fun. Snyder should have pointed out the obvious, that Xerxes is Ahmedinijad, right down to whipping the river. The yapping newshounds don't realize that they think the Kennedys are the Gracchi and LBJ Pericles. They also don't know that Persia is Iran.

Just out of high school, I was shocked when the guitar player of my rock group wrote a song loaded with classical allusions. But Rick, I sez, you didn't take Latin. Where'd you come up with all these? Imagine my discomfiture when he grinned and flipped off, "Sons of Hercules movies."

Maybe it's time the McHitlerites start running everything in life through the Homer/Vergil/Victor Hanson Analogy Machine.

Public curriculists won't touch The Matter of Greece with a ten-pygon pole, precisely because the passions of the moment translate right onto the marble-etched page. The director of Red Dawn is the producer of "Rome." As he executed Billy the Kid, Lew Wallace was writing "Ben Hur." It's obviously all NRA propaganda.

Anonymous said...

We are the Spartans.

And this time, we are going to win.

Μολὼν Λαβέ.

Anonymous said...

I just watched an entire Saved by the Bell marathon! I'm breathlessly waiting to ask my question: which one is Bush, A.C. or Screech?

Morons is right. First of all, the Battle actually happened, and I doubt these people acted with the intention of fitting into a Bush caricature. Second of all, can't FIVE. FRICKIN. MINUTES go by without a reference to stolen elections and BushCheneyHaliburton?

Pretty please?

Steve Skubinna said...

I got to see a preview (free, to boot) at the Navy Base in San Diego last Sunday. And while it never occurred to me that the characters were stand ins for pols and statesmen of today (because that is obviously too stupid to even consider unless you're a professional journalist), it did occur to me that Frank Miller was making a very pointed statement about events of today. I don't know if Miller is left or right, but I have read articles about him where he is very clear that our civilization is under attack, and that he wants to do whatever he can to illustrate that fact and to encourage us to fight to win.

So no, dumbshit newsdorks, Bush doesn't appear in this film. But the rest of us do. Pick which side you're on.

Yuri Orlov said...

ONG! ...and to think that I share the same planet as these knucle dragging mouth breathers!

Which one is Bush indeed! *sigh* I guess it's true, it takes a village idiot to become a journalist.

Bob Hawkins said...

Sometimes a Leonidas is just a Leonidas.