Saturday, March 03, 2007

Politics: I've looked at warming from both sides now...

So, I was tooling around Amazon today, filling my shopping cart in an out-of-control frenzy like a New Orleans cop in a flooded WalMart, when I happened to get referred towards some of the books expressing skepticism about the current global warming orthodoxy. I noticed that they all seemed to have three-star ratings, and so I nosed into the reader reviews to find out why...

***** "Butch Manly" Redstate, US: This book exposis the pinko liberel scientists. I love to run them over with my SUV. If you dont belive it, your just blinded by the mainstream media.

*○○○○ "GoreFan" Berkeley, CA: Didn't you know that this book was paid for by ExxonMobil, dictated by Karl Rove, and written on a word processor powered by burning the bodies of differently-abled Rwandan-American children? We're all going to drown, thanks to Chimpy McHitlerburton not signing the Kyoto protocols!
Ah. That explains the three-star average.

Look, folks, if you can't keep your biases out of your reviews, go post them at Free Republic or Democratic Underground, okay? Some of us are actually curious about the contents of the book in question. Of course, when you've been given license to see your ideological foes as "The same as Holocaust deniers" or "Anti-Americans who hate their own country and blame everything on us", then it becomes pretty easy to let the spittle fly.

In the spirit of the sentiments expressed above, this is frickin' hilarious.
May 3, 2052

Major traffic snarl on the way home. Two recumbent bicycles got run down by a vintage Prius on the Hugo Chavez motorway, blocking traffic all the way back to that windchime factory near the Al-Qaeda Memorial. They should ban those spark-guzzling monsters.


(H/T to Victory Soap)


Steve Skubinna said...

I especially liked:

It says a lot about their arguments that they rely so much on "evidence".

Billy Hollis said...

I've often wondered why amazon doesn't weight reviews much more heavily if they know the reviewer actually owns the book. After all, they already know who they've sold the book to. If it's not an amazon buyer, they could ask a question along the lines of "what's the third word on page 123" to see if a reviewer really had the book.

For books that have any political implications, that would make it a lot less attractive for the usual trolls (who wouldn't caught dead with a real copy of the book) to submit a polemic pretending to be a review.

OldeForce said...

Ah, Tim Blair! I check in on him everyday - but after you, of course.

Anonymous said...

2052? Isn't that the year Oregon is going to have to do something about depredations by the spotted owls overrunning the state?

NotClauswitz said...

HAHAHAHAHahahah. Good thing over at Clayton Cramer too, annother high level Eco switch-sider, this time (no surprise?) he's French!