Thursday, March 29, 2007

Politics: CNN scooped by Silence.

CNN is groggily noting that there seems to be an increasing infatuation with Fred Thompson. They're only a month or so behind Michael Silence in picking up on that vibe.

I like Thompson. Mind you, he's not the guy I'll vote for, but at least I can understand him. He reminds me of the GOP of my youth, not the mutant hybrid big tent elephant of today that reeks of nothing more than hawkish Great Society fans that have attended a tent revival. Sometimes I think Dubya couldn't spell laissez faire, much less pronounce it, and someone needs to let the current GOP stars know that tax credits, incentives, and vouchers are all, as Florence King put it, "the welfare state in single file."


Anonymous said...

Thompson or Ron Paul, if either get through the primaries I'll be happy.
There is absolutely no chance that Giuliani (who seems to be the darling of pajamas media) will get my vote.

Anonymous said...

I think a Thompson/Huckabee(sp?) ticket would be ideal. Both are very pro 2nd.

Christopher said...

It's draw-dropping how disconnected the media is from the conservative grassroots. I think they get all their information spoonfed to them at the hotel bar.

Since I voted for Dubya last time I think I've lost my voting privileges this time around. 100% agree with your view of the Republicans and what they've become. It seems obvious with hindsight, but that damn John Kerry hypmotized me. Ughh...

Anonymous said...

Laissez faire would be great .... if there was a fat chance in Hell we could get it. In a Democratic Republic most of the time you have to vote for the best of what you are being offered.

I vote (or will vote, if ever given the chance) for vouchers because vouchers are the only wedge I am offered that might break up the fantastically disfunctional Ed School/Public School monopoly.

I've voted for Bush because the alternatives I was offered were Gore and Kerry. (I also voted in the Primaries, and not for Bush)

In our system, maintaining your doctrinal purity sidelines you. This is what is - slowly - happening to the Lunatic Left. They won't back down from Abortion On Demand for Minor Children, Gays Are Faultless Victims, Bush is Beelzebub ... and so they will fade into the background noise of nitwits who think that FDR planned Pearl Harbor and Flying Saucer Frequent Fliers.

If those of us who like laissez faire are willing to play in the system, we can slowly bring it to the Right the way the Liberal Intellectual Radical Progressives slowly took it Left over the course of the last century or so.

And, no, I'm not too happy with the Elephants just now. They deserved to lose in 2006, but we have to ask ourselves if we deserve to have to deal with the consequences of their loss.