Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Below market rate.

PDB takes a tack in the illegal immigration debate that I hadn't considered before. Go read.


Anonymous said...

He is absolutely correct. Illegal immigration is part of the "Walmart" economic/business plan of America and it is just as flawed an economic model as slavery. Its not that Americans won't work those jobs. They just won't work at the wages being paid and he said it better than me.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

Anonymous said...

With respect, this was the very first complaint about illegals I ever heard. The only new angles I saw here were the Mormon thing (Moroni's sword, two edges: thousands of saints migrated from Yerp, but some weren't too tolerant of other immigrants passing through Utah, or that's what this movie says anyway); and the part about marrying an immigrant for perspective(that's not the part you hadn't considered, is it?).

Not long ago I heard a small-town contractor complain bitterly about being underbid all season by builders who use undocumented "subcontractors" with no benefit payments, withholding tax, etc. The bitter part was that the contractor and his whole family are from Mexico, came here as legal migrant farm workers, and pulled themselves up by the bootstraps. Whatever your amnesty stance, there's a guy with a legit beef. Plus, his kids are all going to college, so I *still* won't be able to find an honest roofer...