Monday, September 24, 2007

Through the Looking Glass.

In the world of Tony Karon, the Shrub is an evil wizard who can put a hoodoo on the president of France by serving him magic hamburgers and Ahmadinejad is a poor, put-upon innocent who is being thwarted from his plans of building peaceful nuclear power plants in a bid to seek energy independence for his country (despite the fact that it's sitting on a measurable portion of the world's known oil reserves.) I hadn't read any of the big newsweeklies in quite some time, and so was a little taken aback by the tone of an article that sounded like a collaborative (no pun intended) effort between the Daily Worker and Al Jazeera. Had the rest of the magazine gone this wonky? I clicked on another article at random. Yup, it had. Jeez, this was worse than Earth First! Monthly er, National Geographic. The prize, though, was over in the list of "Most Popular" articles, where I saw a link stating simply "Bush to Veto Kids' Health Care". Next thing you know, he'll be sending them to bed without supper. Or maybe eating them.

I wonder what color the sky is in that world?


Anonymous said...

That website is so socialist that it somehow broke Firefox.

Anonymous said...

A communist red sky would be my bet.

Anonymous said...

Is that the same children's health care bill that would raise federal tobacco taxes as follows:

Tobacco Product
Current Tax Rates
Senate Tax Rates

39¢ per pack
$1.00 per pack

Large Cigars
20.719% of manufacturer’s price; cap of 4.875¢/cigar
53.13% of manufacturer’s price; cap of $3.00/cigar

Little Cigars
4¢ per pack
$1.00 per pack

Pipe Tobacco
$1.0969 per pound
$2.8126 per pound

Chewing Tobacco
19.5¢ per pound
50¢ per pound

58.5¢ per pound
$1.50 per pound

RYO Tobacco
$1.0969 per pound
$8.9286 per pound

Cigarette Paper
1.22¢ per 50 papers
3.13¢ per 50 papers

Cigarette Tubes
2.44¢ per 50 tubes
6.26¢ per 50 tubes


After all, it's for the children.

Anonymous said...

If I were in Ahmanutjobs shoes, i.e. leader of a third world circus tent filled with bad tempers and automatic weapons, I'd be building nuke plants as fast as I could pump oil and pay for 'em, so that when my third world psychotic country ran out, they'd have still have a source of electrical power. Unlike us enlightened Americans that would rather buy hydrocarbons than invest in nuke power because we got all of our science education from The China Syndrome.