Monday, September 24, 2007

Today In History: Black Friday.

On this date in 1869, which became known as "Black Friday", a financial panic was triggered by a sell-off of the U.S. government's gold reserves during the stunningly inept Grant administration.

Coincidentally, last Friday the U.S. dollar hit parity with the tiny Canadian dollar, which is metric or something, for the first time since the stunningly inept Ford administration. Draw your own conclusions.


Anonymous said...

"U.S. dollar hit parity with the tiny Canadian "

I think this means that the US Dollar is now tiny...and shrinking.

All of which means that Europeans and Chinese will be buying up cheap US assets (Like Caterpillar, Boeing, Manhattan).

Tam said...

They can have Manhattan.

Billy Beck said...

Hey, I'll take Manhattan.

"...the Bronx, and Staten Island too..."

I mean, we're only talking about America's biggest amusement park.

Anonymous said...

The $US is metric as well.


Anonymous said...

Metric or something, huh.

Anonymous said...

There's black gold in them thar Canukistani hills.

Tam said...

"The $US is metric as well."

Well, yes, but that's not as funny. ;)