Thursday, September 13, 2007

Downsides to everything.

So my new gig has me mostly working second shift hours, which is more suited to my natural rhythms (asleep at three or four o'clock and up by ten AM is pretty much what I run to when left to my own devices) but has thrown a monkeywrench into my blogging until I get used to it.

See, I have to wrap my head around blogging before I go to bed, rather than just after I wake up because, when it comes down to it, I'm as much of a link whore as the next blogger and posting at 11AM means you've missed the morning news cycle and any chance at linky-love from most of the blogs that follow it. I'd been waking up at five or six in the morning to do my posting, and this played merry hell with my sleep schedule the first couple days of this first week at the new job. It pretty much guaranteed I'd be sitting in front of my monitor, half-asleep and drooling after four hours' sack time and incapable of writing anything coherent or witty, not to mention that I'd be hanging on my chinstrap by 2300 hrs at work that night.

I seem to be getting my internal clock reset, though, and that should hopefully fix the lack of content that's plagued this joint of late.


Carteach said...

Good lord! You mean you are...


Well that's a shock. I had you pegged as a slightly super-human gun collecting Goddess with a flawless sense of humor, who blogged 24/7 out of caring for your adoring flock of worshipers.

Lol.... no sweat, 'Human' is pretty high in my book as well.

Anonymous said...

carteach, whaddaya mean "slightly"?

You take that "Human" thing back.

And shut up about Lassie, too.

Anonymous said...

I can sympathise. I did the 3pm-midnight thing for a couple months until they ended that shift at work. I kinda liked it, since it left me a whole block of time in the morning as long as I went to bed right after getting home.

However, I also learned you meet some VERY ODD PEOPLE coming home at midnight in the urban jungle.

Kevin said...

Just curious... will you be changing your profile now that you are no longer an "unemployed bum"?

Lergnom said...

I worked a solo shift, 4:30 to midnight, for 14 years. People on day work used to feel sorry for me because I had no contact with the 'real world'.
I got to sleep until I wanted to wake up, without the dubious benefit of that blasted alarm clock. I had the day for bill paying or hanging out with the GF, a self-employed artist who kept the same hours. If she needed to be chauffeured to or from a gig, I could do it. We went out for late dinner or early breakfast, whatever we were in the mood for, when I got home. Shopping at 2 in the morning meant the store shelves had just been stocked and the sale items hadn't been picked over.
Rush hour traffic was all going the other way when I was going in to work.
No office politics.
Vacation started hours before anyone else got on the roads, and redeye flights were the preferred bookings. It really cramped our lifestyles when I went back to day work.

dr mac said...

Coffee. Coffee. There is life after coffee.

Anonymous said...

Never took to the Eve Shift (3-11) very well. Played havoc with my systems.

But I Shined while on 11-7, worked that for 2 years and have never forgotten it.

Been on 6:30-3 for 24 years now. Eh, it's ok I guess.


Anonymous said...

Worked 8:00 PM to 5:00 AM for a couple of years.

The high point of the experience was meeting the new neighbors for the first time, wandering in the yard at 7 A-Yem with a glass of wine, planning the yardwork I was going to do later on.