Friday, September 28, 2007


Best. Ad. Ever.

I can picture the light bulb going on over the ad guy's head as he walked through a parking garage.


Anonymous said...

The hood ornament leaping the other way is a nice touch.


Anonymous said...


and *snorks* again

...I especially love how they've even turned the Jag's hood ornament around, as if it's about to leap off the hood and run away (doubtless followed by the rest of the car)...

One thing I've always loved about certain sports cars like (for instance) the old Jaguar coupes and Dodge's Viper is the "eyes narrowed" look of the headlights peering out from a wickedly sloping front end. Looks like BMW feels the same way.

--Wes S.

Anonymous said...

Jag you are has been pretty much running on reputation since the 1960s. I was unimpressed with the XKE back then, to the amazement of my friends, even before I learned what a maintenance nightmare it was. I thought it was bulbous and that the windshield angle was wrong, both of which mattered more than the constant shortage of water pumps.

zomg - verification word starts with bmw!

Anonymous said...

Now, is the kitty turning away in fear or revulsion from the newly Bangle-ized 3series?

Because, day-um, the new 3 is one butt-ugly car.

ibex said...

So... does that mean you relit the fire of passion between you and your Z3?

Anonymous said...

ibex, kind of a personal question, wot?

Shag-ewer is singlehandedly responsible for the CarGuy(TM) slogan, "I like them too much to own one." BT. DT.

I freely forgive the E-type its vertical windscreen: there were glass technology issues back then; swoopy sports-racers had Perspex, and not three but zero wipers. The up-draft carbs, not so much (they worked OK on the IH).

But I've never gotten inside the minds of those who'd want a sedan from a company only famous for lithe&lovely (albeit "bulbous," blasphemer) 2-seaters and go-faster-laddie police coupes. And this from an ex-Alfa sedan driver. Gawdsakes, at least go for the Daimler.

Even if you could run on reputation, Jags would get poor mileage.

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Anonymous said...

'Tis a pity that cat is asked to associate with a rebadged Ford.

The ad itself? Well, like a battle of wits with the unarmed, it may be fun but it brings little honor.

(Car buffs: PLEASE! I neither know nor care whether that photo is of a Jaguar or a Forduar. Save your bandwidth.)